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A Swollen Cheek and a Time to Kill - Think of a Number Between Everything and Two [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A Swollen Cheek and a Time to Kill [Jul. 24th, 2012|12:55 pm]
My dentist sawed my impacted tooth into half before digging in and uprooting it out of the hard bones and gums inside my mouth. This is not a gory B-movie for Halloween. This is real life. It happened to me last Sunday.

It was my first time to have gone through a sort of "operation" (since it involved some stitching) and I fervently pray that I shall not go through it again.

I'm home right now watching chick flicks, Skype-ing and this. Blogging.
I have all the time in the world today and I don't know what to do.
What a loser. I have always wanted some "free time" and here it is so, what am I waiting for?
Could it be that work and responsibilities have eaten my entire "loosen up" state?

I watched TLC earlier and all those food/cooking shows made me hungry. I can't eat solid food yet. I miss eating. I miss Mutton Masala and Biryani rice. I want Sam Kyup Sal, Kimchi and Bap. I want pizza and buffalo wings. I want pasta or siomai or pancit. This is saddening! I can't deny that eating is what I enjoy the most and this is why it is really difficult for me to go on a diet.

I miss Jo. I wish I can see him later. He waited for me inside the clinic for hours - from the beginning until the end of the operation. He's really sweet like that and told me he wants to take care of me. I know it's just a tooth extraction but I was really afraid since I have low pain tolerance. Jo was there to comfort me. It's cheesy but I don't care.

I hope to be better sooner than soon.

From: gelatinsky
2012-07-24 03:46 pm (UTC)
Poor sawed teeth. He/She/It probably didn't expect being cut in two! Hehe. Omedetou on surviving that PAINFUL ordeal. Pagaling you!
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From: countingfridays
2012-07-27 02:55 pm (UTC)
Hi Noby! Thanks! So happy to see a familiar face [user] here in LJ. See you soon!
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