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Weekends are Divine. [Sep. 24th, 2010|06:25 pm]
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I wish my workstation is near the window. I peered, just now, across two more workstations then out through the window. I noticed the rising cumuli in pale salmon colored by the sun's rays also rising from the other side of the horizon.

Dear God, thank you for the weekends. I am so happy this is the last hour of my work week. I'm excited to see Jo and just chat away the hours we've earned after a long week. I always look forward to interesting conversations with him. All those things we've talked about and crazy ideas we've concocted and kept in our own little world are priceless. We just can't get enough! It's almost like our own radio show. Humor? Our humor, must I say, is a shard of an ancient Egyptian jar found in the crevices of a boulder in the north polar region of Mars. The shard's covered in egg yolk and wrapped in paper with words, "I like caterpillars. They are brave creatures. My name is Bob Jake". That kind of humor.

I am also excited for our project, which I must not tell! It's a surprise. I am loving the thought and the experience of us working together towards something. I believe in our potential as partners for a project. I hope we get to actually start working on it by next month. We are now on the part of envisioning it and me, jotting down notes, in my small MUJI notebook. Jotting down things on my wee notebook have been a favorite gesture of mine nowadays.

Most of the time, I can't help but entertain negative vibes and just veer away from possibilities and opportunities. I expect the worst and fear almost everything. This in turn, I realized, just makes me farther than the act of actually making the challenge manageable and not-so of a big deal after all. Jo helps me every time whenever I am in this very situation.

Well, today is different.
Today, I am hopeful and happy.